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dolphin chasing fish
large tiger shark.jpg

North Shore, Oahu

The shark diving off the North Shore of Oahu is some of the best on the planet. The diversity of shark species in Hawaii is out of this world. Join me for the chance to experience Hawaii's sharks up close and cage free on the North Shore of Oahu.

nurse shark under reef


Calling all pirates! Come explore the crystal clear waters of Grand Bahama. We will adventure through underwater caves, blue holes, mangroves, and the deep blue in search of sharks, dolphins, and anything exciting we encounter. Join me for this all inclusive week.

oceanic whitetip

Big Island, Hawaii

With over 25 species of cetaceans and 40 species of sharks calling Hawaiian waters home, the possibilities for wildlife encounters on this trip are endless. Join me for a week of exploring offshore in Kona, Hawaii.

great hammerhead

Sharks of Florida

Come experience the wild south Florida coast! We will not only encounter the sharks during the day but also venture out after sunset to dive at night with the sharks! Join me for an unforgettable adventure.

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