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whale shark

big island, hawaii

pilot whales

Trip Info


Feb 2024

(Email for more info)


1 trip host & 6 people


Kailua-Kona, HI


6 days

(5 full days on the water)

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manta ray

Trip hosted by Taylor Cunningham in partnership with See Through Sea.

I have been lucky enough to spend countless hours on the water in Kona and I am so excited to share some of the most special experiences I've ever had with you. Diving in this special pocket of ocean is sure to be unforgettable.

diver sihloette in cave

Exploring Offshore

The waters off of Kona on the Big Island can reveal all kinds of amazing wildlife. We are open to encountering anything we are able to find.

selfie with whale shark
freediver with fish

The tropical waters of Hawaii are home to a huge variety of wildlife. Because of the unique topography of the seafloor on the Kona coast there is an even greater opportunity to encounter the rarest of Hawaiian marine life when compared to other areas around the islands.

There have been over 25 different species of dolphin and whale documented in Hawaiian waters. The deep drop off on the Western coast of the Big Island offers a unique opportunity to view more pelagic species of  cetceans that can be more difficult to view on other islands.

There are over 40 species of sharks that can be seen in Hawaiian waters. You never know what we might encounter while exploring offshore. From more coastal species to more pelagic ones, really anything is a possibility.


- 5 full days of diving (5hrs)

- luxury shared lodging with ocean views

- lunch and water provided on the boat

- local captain, and underwater photographer and marine biologist (Taylor Cunningham) on board every day

- digital copies of professional photos taken by Taylor during expedition

- end of week group dinner

- transportation to and from the airport and harbor each day


- airfare (airport code KOA)

- meals

- personal expenses and travel insurance

- gratuity for local boat captain

- car rental (if you wish to have more independence during your stay)

For more information & reservations

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