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bull shark

Sharks of Florida

bull shark with diver

Trip Info


May 2024

(Email for more info)


1 trip host & 6 people


West Palm Beach, FL


7 days

(5 full days on the water)

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bull shark at night

Trip hosted by Taylor Cunningham in partnership with XELA Expeditions.

Since I grew up here most of my life I am so excited to show you one of the best parts of diving in Florida. Diving with sharks in Florida is absolutely incredible and will surely be unforgettable.

hammerhead with diver
night shark dive
tiger shark in blue

Freediving With Sharks

Our main objective for this trip will be to encounter as much of Florida's sharks as possible. Florida has incredible diversity of shark species. During the day, our baiting has the possibility of bringing up a variety of species all at once.

Possible encounters include: Bull sharks, great hammerheads, scalloped hammerheads, tiger sharks, black tip reef sharks, lemon sharks, silky sharks, dusky sharks, sandbar sharks, and Caribbean reef sharks.


**Dives will be baited and include shark feeding**

We will be spending time with the sharks both during the day and at night! These night dives are only available with XELA Expeditions so we are especially excited to partner with them to offer you this unique perspective on sharks.

At night time, sharks tend to act more naturally and you will be able to observe some fascinating behaviors that are not usually seen during the day.

Outside of our goal to encounter as many shark species as possible, Florida waters are also home to tons of other wildlife! We have the possibilities of also encountering dolphins, sea turtles, and other pelagic fish and marine life species.


- 2 Night Dives with Sharks (4-5hrs)

- 3 Days of Shark Diving (4-5hrs)

- luxury shared lodging near historic West Palm Beach

- local captain, and underwater photographer and marine biologist (Taylor Cunningham) on board every day

- digital copies of professional photos taken by Taylor during expedition

- end of week group dinner

- transportation to and from the airport


- airfare (airport code PBI)

- meals

- personal expenses and travel insurance

- gratuity for local boat captain

- car rental (if you wish to have more independence during your stay)

For more information & reservations

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