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diver with dolphins

Trip Info



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1 trip host & 5-6 people


Grand Bahamas, Bahamas


7 days

(5 full days on the water)

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Trip hosted by Taylor Cunningham in partnership with XELA Expeditions.

I have been lucky enough to spend time in the Bahamas diving with wildlife and I am so excited to share some super epic experiences with you. Diving in the Bahamas is absolutely incredible and will surely be unforgettable.

freediver in cave
diver in shallow water
diver swimming down rig

Beauty of The Bahamas

The Bahamas is known for crystal clear waters, beautiful reefs, and incredible wildlife. It is practically a diver's paradise! The goal of this trip is to show you the best of Grand Bahama. We will spend every day diving and exploring everything the ocean has to offer.


We will try to explore the mangroves, blue holes, underwater caves, man-made wrecks/rigs, coral reefs, and deep blue environments.

The wildlife around the Bahamas is unmatched. From dolphins, to sharks, to colorful reef fish, and pelagic species you never know what we might encounter.

Many species of dolphin can be found cruising around the islands of the Bahamas. A variety of different behaviors such as socializing, hunting, and mating can be seen from the dolphins in the Bahamas.

The Bahamas is one of the premiere places in the world to view sharks! Sharks have been protected in Bahamian waters for over a decade meaning the likelihood of seeing them any time we are in the water is high. We hope to encounter sharks on the reef, near blue holes, and out in the blue.


- 5 full days of diving (sunrise to sundown or until we get tired)

- luxury shared lodging on the water

-transportation to and from airport in Grand Bahama (FPT)

- meals prepared by local Bahamian chef

- local guide, captain, and underwater photographer and marine biologist (Taylor Cunningham) on board every day

- digital copies of professional photos taken by Taylor during expedition


- airfare (airport code FPT)

- personal expenses and travel insurance

- gratuity for local boat guide and captain

***must have a valid passport to enter the Bahamas**

For more information & reservations

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