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galapagos shark portrait


diver with galapagos sharks

Trip Info


July 2024

(Email for more info)


1 trip host & 6 people


North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii


5 days of diving

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tiger shark

Trip hosted by Taylor Cunningham in partnership with Hawaii Adventure Diving.

I have been working as a safety diver and photographer on the North Shore for the last seven years and I am so excited to share the sharks that have shaped me as a person with you. Shark diving on the North Shore of Oahu is some of the best in the world!

photographer watches shark
diver with tiger shark

The Sharks of Hawaii

The shark diving off the North Shore of Oahu is some of the best on the planet. The diversity of shark species in Hawaii is out of this world. Hawaii is home to over forty different species of sharks, so you never know what could show up on one of our dives. Are most likely encounters include the Galapagos sharks, which range between six and ten feet in length on average.

However, there are strong possibilities for other species to swim by on our dives. Sandbar sharks, oceanic blacktips, and scalloped hammerheads would be the next most commonly sighted species. I specifically chose July for this expedition because it will offer us the highest likelihood of encounter the infamous Hawaiian Tiger Shark.

photographer with shark

Our main objective for this trip will be to dive with a variety of shark species. Each day will be spent out in the blue swimming with the sharks. We will be crossing our fingers to encounter as many sharks as possible.

I am not only excited to introduce you to the North Shore sharks through our dives but to also provide additional information and workshops on the sharks, underwater photography, and shark research in Hawaii.

This expedition offers both a Day Only and Overnight option. You can choose to join us just for our time on the water or for the full overnight expedition, your choice! Pricing and what is included with vary between experiences. For more information please contact me.


- 5 full days of diving (4-5hrs)

- lunch voucher for group lunch after each day on the water

- local guides, captains, and underwater photographer and marine biologist (Taylor Cunningham) on board every day

- digital copies of professional photos taken by Taylor during expedition

- shared lodging (Overnight only)

- transportation from airport to lodging (Overnight only)

- transportation between lodging and harbor each day (Overnight only)

- optional photography, shark research, conservation, and other workshops/presentations or afternoon shore dives (Overnight only)


- airfare (airport code HNL)

- breakfast, dinner, and snacks

- personal expenses and travel insurance

- gratuity for local boat guide and captain

- car or scooter rental (if you wish to have more independence during your stay)

For more information & reservations

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