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About Your Guide

Taylor Cunningham

I've now worked professionally on the ocean for around seven years. I feel so lucky to have been blessed with some of the most incredible moments underwater and I want to share that with you. My work as a guide, safety diver, divemaster, underwater photographer & videographer, conservationist, and marine biologist have all influenced how I see the ocean and the best ways to interact with its inhabitants. I am so excited by the possibility of being able to share some of the knowledge and experiences I've gained over the past many years with you.

I started Open Seas Expeditions because I wanted to be able to share why I love the ocean so much. I have been lucky to experience diving in some of the best locations on the planet. Each of the trips offered are to special locations around the world that shaped me into the diver I am today. I am now ready to share those places with you!


One of my biggest passions is sharing my love of the ocean with others. The more people I can share my experiences in the ocean with, hopefully the more they will care for the ocean.

Check out my work!

Learn a little bit more about me and check out more of my photography and other projects on my personal website.

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